About The Lazy Cook

Hello, I’m Melissa. And I am a lazy cook.

What does this mean? Well… it means that I love food, and I love cooking. But you won’t find me in the kitchen for long – there is no chance I’m spending more than 30 minutes in the kitchen preparing for meals, three times a day, every single day!

Over the years, I’ve accumulated an army of quick and easy recipes, which must consist of less than 30 minutes of prep time and consist of ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen.

While chatting with a fellow friend who shares the same philosophy, he suggested I make a compilation of my favorite easy recipes.

And thus, The Lazy Cook was born! This blog aims to share easy recipes and kitchen shortcuts you can take without sacrificing time… or taste. I also have some kitchen hacks to minimize my time in the kitchen even more, which I’ll be sharing on this blog.

Aside of being a lazy cook, I also love travel! Find my travel blog at Girl Eat World.

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