Author: Melissa Hie

Beef Plov with eggs and salad

The Easiest Rice Cooker Ukrainian Beef Plov Recipe

One day, my husband and I were talking about what to have for dinner, which somehow turned to a conversation about lazy cooking and ways to minimize kitchen time. My husband is a Ukrainian who grew up in Japan, and he told me about how his family utilizes their rice cooker to do most of the work. Being a lazy cook, this intrigued me greatly! And thus, this easy, Plov-inspired recipe is born. What is Plov? Okay, disclaimer! Plov is actually not really Ukrainian. Plov is a dish originated in Uzbekistan that has become popular across Central Asia and former Soviet Union countries, including Ukraine. But I noticed, it’s basically a rice pilaf, which exists in many different cultures! In India, there is something similar called Pulao too. Even the name sounds similar – Plov, Pilaf, Pulao – maybe there is a story to it but let’s save that for another day. Anyway – traditionally, you’ll need a huge pan or a slow cooker to make Plov. But true to the lazy cook style, I’ll …

Cottage Cheese Pancake with Raspberry, Blueberry and powdered sugar

Easy 3-Ingredient Ukrainian Syrniki Cheese Pancake

A few years ago, I went to Ukraine and stayed at a lodge with a Ukrainian family at the Carpathian Mountains. In the morning, they served us a breakfast of Syrniki with honey that they farmed themselves at their backyard. Such bliss! Syrniki is a type of cheese pancake, traditional to eastern slavic culture. It is made with Tvorog, aka Farmer’s Cheese, which results in these creamy-in-the-center small pancakes that are crispy and brown on the outside. Now that we’re back home in Singapore, there are definitely times when I really miss those pancake-filled mornings – so, of course I tried to replicate them at home! Syrniki calls for very simple ingredients. Most of them are readily available in Singapore, except for the ONE most important ingredient: Tvorog, the cheese itself. I’ve had to make do with store-bought Cottage cheese or Ricotta cheese. However, they tend to be more “wet” than Tvorog. As a result, I couldn’t make Syrniki the traditional way, which calls for the batter to be slightly dry so that you can …